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The Priest's Son Film

By Published October 20, 2016

Christianity is dying. We’ve heard the newscasts, read the articles, and seen it smeared across the Internet. Christianity is shrinking, ineffective, powerless.

But what if—it’s not?

The Priest’s Son plants its flag firmly on the side of a triumphant God. Featuring firsthand accounts of lives transformed and the testimony of missions experts, this award-winning documentary bears witness to God’s activity in the nations. Yet, this is only one of countless stories taking place around the globe, all of which resound with the same story: God’s kingdom is advancing on the earth.

Edoh Today

The Priest’s Son details the story of Edoh Fiozandji, the son of a tribal witch doctor, who ran away from home and narrowly escaped murder when he returned to his father confessing Jesus as Lord. From there, he went on to become one of the key missionaries in French Africa.

Edoh’s story is so fantastic that people sometimes wonder if it’s accurate. The truth is, in recording The Priest’s Son, we faced a difficulty—not of how much we could get away with adding, but of how much we had to leave out. Edoh’s story continues far beyond what a 30-minute film could possibly capture.

Today, Edoh continues to evangelize his people. As Regional Director over 16 nations, he leads missionaries toward the goal of reaching every home in French Africa with the Gospel. In 2014 alone, Every Home for Christ workers reached 6.8 million homes throughout French Africa under Edoh's leadership. His desire is that every person should one day have a church within walking distance from their home.

This kind of impact doesn’t happen without resistance. During a recent interview, Edoh stated, “In Africa, there is no faith in Christ without persecution.” In the face of such persecution, Christians are pressing on. Anti-Christian opposition, Ebola outbreaks, and rampant poverty are not enough to stop the Gospel. New stories like Edoh’s continue to be written.

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