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The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe by Dr. Chuck Missler

Isaiah 53

By Published April 30, 2017

Isaiah 53

The Fulcrum of the Entire Universe

by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in late 1946 in caves along the Dead Sea. The ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran held millennial old sealed clay jars which contained about 1200 manuscripts, including more than 300 Biblical texts. Arguably the greatest discovery at Qumran is the Great Isaiah Scroll, a nearly complete scroll that was copied around 125 BC. It contains all 66 chapters of Isaiah.

In this book, we will focus on a particularly interesting passage in the second half of Isaiah: chapter 53. It has been called the Holy of Holies of the Old Testament. These twelve verses offer a summary of the entire New Testament, written more than 700 years before Jesus Christ was born. A number of passages in the Hebrew Scriptures describe the victory of the Messiah as the ruler of the world, and the Jews have focused on those. This chapter provides another unexpected purpose for the great King; it’s an incredible prophecy that describes the Messiah as a servant who suffers and dies for His people.

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